Women in World Jazz dome of the best talent in Newton put some of the best music in a NewTV recording studio.



Kimo Wellness Community Partnership

SEDFOB Inc. is partnering with Kimo Wellness Foundation assisting local communities in Africa. Kimo Wellness Foundation has in the past supported to address urgent needs of the Muranga Community in Kenya by advocating
for human rights.
Kimo’s programs include tools and activities to help educate individuals that struggle with mental illness and other social issues. As part of the new global initiative of SEDFOB Inc., this collaboration will expand its horizons through the transfer of knowledge, and help assist the fundraising process. For more informtion, please visit their website at http://www.kimowellnessfoundation.org/

SEDFOB Inc. Tribute to the People of the Muranga Community

Art Community

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Errol Forde always wanted to produce a television show. He is extremely passionate about politics and the issues facing society today, and he wanted a forum to share his views with the public.