Thursday, May 30

Mission Statement

SEDFOB will continue to promote and work with creative individuals and those who contribute to the betterment of humanity. The organization will engage in raising funds to assist the less fortunate. SEDFOB recognizes education, humanitarianism, sports, religion, science, technology, the performing arts, culture, and civil rights. Those components play a significant role within the social and economic development in today’s society.

SEDFOB has three divisions within its organization that work in collaborative ways to bring about a balance in their economic development projects through Performing Arts, Health/Wellness Awareness, and Disability Inclusiveness Advocacy:

 - Performing Arts promotes social and cultural integration that will provide an opportunity for their talents to undergo recognition and exposure.

 - Health/Wellness Awareness will focus on assisting the needs of the helpless with the intention of developing strategic plans to deal with those needs. 

 - Disability Inclusiveness Advocacy is an essential part of this organization. This segment provides support and encouragement to the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Our mission as stated by founder Errol Forde, “to foster the success of talented individuals that contribute to society and help raise funds to end human suffering. We use a holistic approach where we focus on the mental, physical, and emotional needs of the affected individuals.”