Monday, Jul 15

Monieke N. McNeil: Director of Performing Arts and Development


Monieke earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration and minor of Political Science and Sociology from Salem State University and a Master’s in Public Administration and Public Policy with Law an Ethics as a concentration from Merrimack College.
Active in leadership roles, she continues to be actively involved in civic engagement and equal access to education. A social Justice Champion, Monieke is an active board member and Director of Intake and Assessment for the Second Chance for Youthful Offenders a non-profit Organization that focuses on the reduction of recidivism and Juvenile Crime.
In 2013 she was abducted into the Civic Engagement Hall of Fame at Salem State University for volunteer work and her dedication to working for social and economic justice
Monieke is a passionate advocate for the life-changing power of education and has dedicated her career to working with urban youth.
“I am deeply passionate about our community, our issues and those individuals affected due to lack of resources. It is our responsibility to be that voice for those, who cannot speak and to stand tall for those too short to see. We as leaders must focus on issues of inequality and socioeconomic oppression. When equal access to basic necessities of life such as; employment, education, and health insurance, hope will be restored. When individuals feel they have an equal access and opportunity they strive to do better”