Sunday, May 19

Dr. Julius Wayne Dudley

Dr. Julius Wayne Dudley, now Professor Emeritus of history at Salem State University, has spent much of his adult life pursuing academic excellence and promoting social activism to achieve justice for all.
Born in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 29, 1944 Dudley, the eldest of nine children, of Julius Dudley and Ethel Hanson-Dudley, both of whom were also born in Georgia through its Jim Crow history, including share cropping and other forms of "slavery by another name." The Dudley parents wanted a better life for their children and encouraged them to purse education as a means to truly liberate themselves from racial oppression. They reading and education for their children. Graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in 1962, Dudley subsequently graduated from Morris Brown College in Atlanta in 1966 with a B.A. in social studies and three years later completed his masters degree in American history from Atlanta University (now Clark Atlanta University). Ten years later, he completed his Ph.D. in history from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to his doctorial work, he completed a masters degree from Harvard University from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (in the area of administration planning and social policy) in 1985 and three years later, another credential from Harvard University Extension School in the area of administration. Throughout this period, Dudley earned other academic certifications from the University of Georgia in the field of early childhood education, 1966 -1967, University of Wisconsin at Madison in African-American studies in 1970, and United States Academy at West Point in American Military history.

And in addition, to earning degrees, Dr. Dudley taught in the Atlanta public school system and became a University professor / administrator beginning in 1969 until his retirement. Over a period of thirty years, he was the first director / professor of African-American studies at the University of South Florida, coordinator / professor of history at Morris Brown college, as well as a professor at the University of Dayton, Emerson College, Boston College, Fitchburg State, Salem State, and University of Lowell. In this education and social environment, Dudley marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other icons of the Civil Rights movement such as Congressman John Lewis, and Hosea Williams during the 1960's and 1970's. In the 1980's and 1990's, Dudley supported several progressive movements, which included freedom for Africa, especially South Africa. As a grass roots effort, involving thousands of Americans, especially its youth, Dudley sent over three million books to primarily to Africa, focusing on South Africa. His book non-profit organization sent books to Ghana, Liberia, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Egypt and Kenya. And to a lessor extent, he coordinated books to children and educators in Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Philippine Islands and Kyrgyzstan.

Thousands of children and educators in America supported his project over a period of nine years and several prominent individuals supported his efforts. Some of these individuals were Archbishop Tutu and President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, United States Congressman Joseph Kennedy II, and William Weld -Former Governor of Massachusetts. Over three million books and other educational items were sent to underserved schools and libraries and the countries heretofore mentioned above. Dudley has worked also locally and nationally contributing much to the education and development of American students especially those who reside in the inner cities.

Due to his lifetime of service to others, Dudley has garnered recognition / awards from several prominent individuals and organizations. Some of which are Resolution to Dr. Julius Wayne Dudley, City of Tampa, 1981; International Rotary Clubs - The Paul Harris Award; Boston Association of the United Nations (Award for Special Recognition, 1995); Prince Hall Mason - 32nd Degree; U.S. Congressional Records -1988;Resolution, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1989; "A Tribute to Dr. Wayne Dudley"; Resolution City of Boston 1994; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, George Washington Carver Award, Eastern Region, 1999 in Philadelphia; Georgia State Senate, Resolution year 2002; and most recently, Harvard University Extension School headline story in the "Harvard Gazette" concerning the institution recognizing him as a winner of a prestigious "Award for Service" for the year of 2018. For additional information concerning his many personal and professional contributions to society, one can Google his name and find several biographies which contains information not included in this one.