Foreign Affairs: Andrew Sharpe

Jamaican born Mr. Andrew Sharpe in November of 2012 and since then the organization’s presence has grown and they are working tireless to put the organization among some of the best established Caribbean organizations in New England.
Andrew grow up in Kingston, Jamaica, he is a relative of Usian Bolt, Jamaica’s 100 and 200 meters world record holder. “I have always had a passion for helping people and learning different culture... had the privilege to work with several Caribbean Folkloric artist like Paul KeensDouglas and Louise Bennett Coverley”, said Andrew.
Andrew migrated to the USA because a majority of his family is here and is married to a Bostonian as he describes it.
When asked about his reason for forming the Authentic Caribbean Foundation, he responded “My passion was on building a strong diaspora and preserver of our culture” and “it was important I started with the kids”
The organization’s mission according to their website it is “ geared towards transforming the lives of the Caribbean children impacted by disabilities, HIV/AIDS and their caregivers through health and educational support.”