President: Errol Forde

As a business oriented person with more than 33 years of experience both local and international, I understand the advantages and challenges, the complications of this younger generation trying to make a success for themselves by selling their own ideas. That's why as president of the Socio Economic Development Foundation of Boston, I am prepared to create a conducive atmosphere that will enable individuals, businesses and government a like to benifit from economic derivatives from projects like the Performing Arts , Sports Tourism, Humaintarian and Education. The whole concept is to take micro ideas at all levels and fit them best into a category that can be marketed and beneficial to those who possess the knowledge, through economic activities that benefits everyone. These projects will stem from multicultural festivals and annual awards ceremonies to build celebrity status that wasn't in the picture before, this brings opportunity and faith to those who never was exposed to this kind of exposure in the past, with a continuous flow of economic activty.